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Personalized electronic gifts are some of the high demand products. We have a wide range of electronic products in our portfolio. Some of the best selling electronic products are:
Shadow Box – 
A custom shadow box with a lovely photo of your dear one is the perfect gift on any special occasion. Also, this shadow box with light projects your designs on the surroundings giving a beautiful ambience. 

Sublimation Alarm Clock –

The sublimation alarm clock operates with batteries and wakes you up in the morning with its alarm tune. You can add your memorable photos and make a custom alarm clock.

Sublimation Bluetooth speaker –

Now, play your favourite music playlist with these wireless speakers. Also, it is a portable speaker so you can carry it during your long journeys and enjoy the music. You can print your photos to make it a personalised Bluetooth speaker.

Photo Dome –

The photo dome comes with a premium wood base and glass material dome. Print your photos on this dome picture frame to make a custom gift. The lights in this photo dome give a beautiful glow to your lovely photos.

Rotating Photo Box –

You get a premium border and base finish with this rotating photo frame. Also, there is melodious music present in this music photo frame to relax your mood while you remember your sweet memories from the photos.

Ferris Wheel Frame –

You can print multiple photos on this giant wheel photo frame. The best part is you can see a beautiful rotation of photos in this swing wheel photo frame.

Rotating Led Lamp –

They have a LED light and glow the photos. Also, they rotate the photos beautifully.

Heart  Lamp
Hexagon Lamp
lamp with clock
Square Lamp
Cylinder Lamp 

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