Motivatebox provides the best services for Sublimation printing in Kolkata, Delhi, and Noida. Sublimation printing is the current state of the art as it allows you to create vibrant, everlasting graphic designs and images on various objects. You can use this method to get long-lasting prints with distinct colours on your products like t-shirts, home decor items and other products.

How does sublimation work?

Though it sounds technical, understanding sublimation is easy. You use a sublimation ink that is present in powder form suspended in a liquid. The inkjet sublimation printer vaporizes this sublimation ink into a gaseous state that prints on the sublimation paper. Then you can use this printed paper to sublimate the design or image on the item. A heat press machine uses high temperature to vaporize the sublimation ink to gas that goes and embeds into the item giving you the print.

What do you need?

  1. Dye Sublimation printer
  2. Sublimation Paper
  3. Sublimation Ink
  4. Machines: Flat press machine, 3D vacuum sublimation machine, 5 in 1 combo press, cap press, mug press.

Steps for sublimation

  1. You will need to print the images or designs you want to sublimate on a sublimation paper. You can edit them with the help of designing and editing software.
  2. The printed sheet is then stuck on the item you want to sublimate with the help of heat tape. Heat tape holds the paper in the correct position.
  3. Based on the type of machine you are using, set the time and temperature on the machine. After you adjust the settings, you can sublimate the item.

Items To Print 

  • Sublimation mugs
  • Sipper Bottles
  • T-shirts
  • MDF frames
  • Sublimation Cushions
  • Sublimation Rock Frames
  • Glitter Rock Photo Frames
  • Garments

Sublimation is best suited for light coloured items with a polyester coating. These items give the best print results with durable prints and vivid colours of your designs or images.

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